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We were the last,
sad you don’t remember,
the high cliffs overlooking
an ocean, I can’t recall
its color, but the salt mist
remains upon my tongue, as if
the name of a newborn, like
sparks at the edge of vision

And now we are the first to set foot
here on the softest of downs

Chagall 2019

An Honest Magician

With my finger aside my nose and a quick nod,
aside the chimney I remain,
no ascent.

I flail my fingers,
like octopi tentacles,
Svengali-like, to mesmerize,
but nothing changes, all remains.

I tap my wand three times,
fan my cape over the magic box,
but nothing disappears,
nor appears, for that matter.

I reach up my sleeve,
and draw no ace,
so I dare not attempt
to saw you in half!

I get tongue-tied
with sleight of hand,
I lose track of all those fingers.

I can, however,
honestly, truly,
levitate, for real,
on cue.

I cherish this ability,
allows me to escape,
whenever I need to.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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