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Till Then (The Coming)

The little engine that could,
minuscule humans who might,
worlds cry that shouldn’t,
cosmos states thou shan’t,
God who simply is, then isn’t,
but was, at least for now

Chagall 2019

An Image Through the Jade

She asked if I would please come down from the parade,
home from the water where hope flows slower than time,
back to where it all began to all begin, to be all in
one final moment momentarily lapsed. And each passing
day is a cedilla underscoring existence like LaFaro’s
thick bass one summer under Evans at the Vanguard.
Apart from all living things, everyone is fine,
at least that’s what they tell me. I get lost in my
search and then look for a way to return to the search
above me; sky is potentially below so to fall is to fly.

© Chagall ∞

Stormy Clouds Chasin’

chagall backdrop

I’m singing in the rain,
just singin’ in the rain,
it’s a glorious feeling
that no songwriter should
have the right
to friggin’ copyright.

© Chagallito 2014

End Game Strategy

chagall backdrop

Sometimes the path through the land is clear
and we merely have to traverse it
with words and delicate pen reciting
curves, contours, and lies

While other times the wood is dense
thicket, entanglements abound
barring the way to cool waters that flow
there in the snippets of life below

So carefully pace the mosaic
and choose the tiles you’ll land upon
with the greatest of care

You only get
one roll

© Chagall 2014

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