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Crush on the English Teacher

She had a conniption at his addition
Of a fourth dot to the ellipsis

But it’s the end of a sentence he sighed
Oh God, yes she replied

With a moan made in heaven, mellifluous

© Chagall ∞

First, Stretch

Have you considered recently
refurbishing your haberdashery
or buying a brand-new commode, maybe armoire?

Some words must be paired
as fine wines vis-à-vis
fish or chicken.

Grassy, picked too young –
this one’s a hint of chocolate.

Barring any unforeseen outcomes
I’ll bet the barista falls madly in love
long before we reach five stanzas.

Chagall 2016


chagall backdrop

So many things that we can break
start with the letter B:
bad, your back, his balls
the bank and bread

© Chagall 2014

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