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To Ponder

Dear Reader,

A different kind of post.
Scene: you post a piece, and readers like it.
Variation 1:
You revise the post in a manner that you think “likers” would continue to like.
Variation 2:
You revise the post dramatically, flipping the theme on its end.

Consider: Regarding Var.2 – I believe you owe it to your likers to advise them of such, or
you should abandon the edit and post it as new.

Thoughts? Likes are static, click and done. Yet the piece is malleable, dynamic. The 2 don’t really jibe.  One could edit a piece right out of a liker’s comfort zone and the liker would be left memorialized as having liked it!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. I will continue to eat through Sunday night and then I am going to get trim starting Monday morning. Honest.


Sara of Beautiful Rain

Small letters alight on her lashes, tiny poetry about her eyes
Kisses of ancient rhythm, a pucker for a flame stoked
Each blink the turn of a page reveals whole worlds
Every breath has meaning, those lighter than air defy gravity
Limericks line her brow when she laughs
When she sighs I trace my lips along the long volta of her neckline
Where her sonnets turn around
Down her arms flow three-letter words, we are kids again
Awash in primary colors, hands waving wildly at tickles
Dancing about in a spray, we drink water from a hose
There are symbols dangling from her ears that I do not recognize
Baubles of mystery; I linger there eschewing translation.

© Chagall 2016


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