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For Chloe

where ripples fold thin flues arise
to hollow glass tubes to chime

she of first lines and I of the hook
made beautiful poems together

haunting caesurae

we prayed coaxing winds to carry
the continuum

my life
she would cede

at a 4-way stop where none proceed
she pirouettes?

Chagall 2017

Despite Love

I wonder in colors that she sees only while coming.  I race
to stride beside her; we dapple the ground with the shadow of our gait.
Time is evident, a mist evaporates off hot gray pavers, leaves behind
a dotted line, a seam that closes, and is gone.  I have always been destined
to love her.  I am compelled to protect her from sadness and in so doing
I bring sadness.

Vast fields of primary colors heather, wash
and bleed with the passing of each new tone, sacred intervals;
we are naked, splendidly hued, we are eyes
imbuing elegant rainbow bodies.

She is laughter, healing balm
for the brow, under a tarp
in the rainstorm, we embrace,
human beneath fading colors,
just barely dry.

© Chagall ∞

For Chloe – ci vediamo

She loved Frost but was less equivocal about the end,
choosing water over fire and ice.

© Chagall 2017

How Old Are You Now?

The balloon from her last birthday
I’d left to bob on the ceiling,
over the years had withered and died,
and now resembles a pink snail on
a white-ribbon leash, there
in the corner behind the bookcase.

© Chagall 2017

For Daphne

At the seam of the mist
she dances on shard.

The hurricane redoubles, whipped glass,
her lamp splays across the crag,
barefoot maniacal, strands of
soaked being, where sea becomes storm.

She brighter than the lightning
failing to illuminate her moment aflame.

The air is filled with
the howling song of massive woodwinds.

Perhaps calliopes
she whispers.

© Chagall 2016

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