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For Chloe

where ripples fold thin flues arise
to hollow glass tubes to chime

she of first lines and I of the hook
made beautiful poems together

haunting caesurae

we prayed coaxing winds to carry
the continuum

my life
she would cede

at a 4-way stop where none proceed
she pirouettes?

Chagall 2017

Ice Chips

The night is crisp, autumnal.
Bourbon sweeter.
My son and his petite amie
at a friend’s cabin while they’re away.
With them, a bag of sweet potatoes
I grew and cured, for roasting
over the wood fire they’ll make.

Life is good.
Peepers sing earlier
than usual tonight. Harmonics from breezes
to trees to shape the glass arc of our ears
to blow gently in them.
I am yellow aged orange inflamed
dared to go red before withering.

I pray to the last gold ray of sun
there in the tall eastern trees
that refuses to say die to another day.

© Chagall 2016

Way With Words

We all understood it
at the same time

But I was able
to articulate it swiftly

sue me

Chagall 2016


I told her I’m sure there’s bells
you can’t help but hear them –
There! You see?

Twin peals in echelon
waves above up in pockets
then swoops below near the prey

This close to the ground we risk
broken wings, we need to find lift anywhere

If I just let go I get aloft
I have long known how to walk on ceilings
I have sat on chandeliers
and walked through upside-down window sashes

I step from this ladder through your second-floor window
to entreat your love, float gracefully down to the ground unhurt
unscathed in defiance of gravity, grateful

graceful as a balustrade slide in white tie and tails
I win and heads lose, we embrace only these end times
not before, that was then while this merely is

I revel now and still
counting the bells –
you can’t help but hear them

Chagall 2015

Haiku For Song

chagall backdrop

Melodies live here
trapped between words’ soft wrinkles
voice them smooth once more

© Chagall, 2013

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