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Les Nuages

chagall backdrop

I raise my arm,
again and again
and then I raise it
a third time

From whence

I seek out
the Commander
the one who barks
the order
and find her easily
nearby at the helm
yelling Raise It!

But what happens next
I can’t discern
the work of that motor
eludes me

I assume a small band
of gypsy synapse
lights up and plays jazz
’round the fires
of my heart
and I raise my arm
on the prominent

So much of life
is mindless I
in surrender to
the Mindful

© Chagall 2014

August 3, 2:20AM

chagall backdrop


the world is light

gypsies stomp around fires

dance atop the heads of devils


strange jazz

harmonies birth the netherworld

while fingers shape odd chords



© Carlos Chagall, 2013

My favorite bistro’s
djangolicious: les nuages –
sex sweat smoke beat dance.


Les Nuages in 4/5 Time

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

Paris (part 1)

I'm at a hotel in Paris, on a balcony
overlooking Rue Chambiges,
in the 8th arrondissement.

Did you hear?
I bummed three cigarettes 
from le garcon at the Bistro.
Thought I'd given that all up 
so many years ago.

But as Parisians do, I guess
so go I. 

Gonna savor the flavor
on the balcony 
in Paris tonight,
ce soir, in Paris.

I cannot see the Eiffel Tower from where I am,
but they tell me that it flickers,
on the hour,
just like 
lovers gone wild.

Too many gypsies on the street
play guitar with all their fingers,
so they cannot be real gypsies,
or can they?

Not like Django,
French tango,
tell me,
where'd the old gang go?

- to be continued -
Chicheme, March 2013

arrondissement, Django Reinhardt, 8th arrondissement
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