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chagall backdrop

Grapes still on their vine
flourish for the wines
we did not drink

Sun-sweetened raisins
in time

© Chagall 2014

Mon Avis

chagall backdrop

Hey!  You missed a spot.

No, not on the floor,
in your life, I mean.

See?  You can see it from here.

© Chagall 2014

Lost The Blaze

chagall backdrop

I perch on a branch
rather than hoods
where rain water beads on the high
gloss of hand-buffed wax

unlike the low luster of eyes
strung about the necks of remorseless

and trill
nay, lilt

springs aid suspension of disbelief
prevalent these days

any tight burrow will do in a pinch

aligned contrary to twilight
abstaining from pleasures because
I choose to indulge
in heartbreak, because I can

with little time to weigh
eons on either side
not certain of come and go, gone and went
truth or status quo

my money’s on the money, the surest thing
since sentience, the sweetest element
is not uranium; to the ghosts of Princeton: natty wool on the catwalk
hooping hulas ’round the nuclei, I eye the errant
confuse disdain for ardor

I approximate the distance between two hearts to be
greater than the sum of the moment

mailboxes crammed with dead letters postmarked
insufficient, due only what’s coming
raise stained white flags in tie-dye surrender
patchouli and hemp
rise early and often till the last
but spontaneous now, how herculean then
to breathe

then so vague;
not long now,
just a few more notes
till the coda

© Chagall 2014

Now Meander

Though I have more than I had
as a kid growing up,
I am poorer
now than ever.

It appears
the world
to leave
harsh seams.

I wonder:
How many lives ago?

My future builds
affixed to itself
sans blueprint
but the past collects
by design.

Despair to look back
to revel in excitement
one once had to look forward.

I sense
a mosaic of sound and color
forms at the edge.

Behind me or ahead
I’m uncertain,
purely as a matter
of principle.

© Chagall 2013

Haiku For Going With The Flow

chagall backdrop

Life is so simple
Breathe in and out without thought
Why get more involved?

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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