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Down In It

I smell so good after turning beds
of arugula by hand.

Chagall 2017

Bumper Crop

I am awash in
incidental oregano.

© Chagall ∞

The Gardener

I’ve found that if you want a certain type of ground cover to flourish
you needn’t wholly eradicate its competition but just enough to give an edge.

© Chagall ∞

Fractional Afternoons

I asked her was it
real bamboo – the bambusa multiplex sort

she said no, she did not think so

and was I referencing zappa
about the poncho, was it real –
a mexican or a sears poncho?

I said no, I didn’t think so

but bamboo grows big
it’s good to know
especially if you live upstairs

above all when it rains

Chagall 2016

It’s Only Natural

Had my face into the berries
shaking the ripest free
minding my own business
when a bee took it upon himself
to sting me, obviously not aware
of the relationship I’d fostered
with the ecosystem around, a newbie
(if you will) who didn’t get the pecking order,
so I sat him down to say:

Hey listen, around here we live and let live,
species means quite little, your kind and I
are tight and while I don’t like to play the Queen card,
trust me – I will!

He buzzed understanding, landed on my nose,
looked me deep in the eye in the eye in the eye, to which I puffed
out my lower lip, blew my breath upward, sending him aloft
on his way.

Did I ever tell you about my electric-blue damselflies?

Chagall 2015

Indoor Under Fluorescence

chagall backdrop

It startled me to discover that you had killed the seedlings,
one by one, as each grew true leaves, the curves of frail stems lost,
they in the first throes, reaching for light, you in the final throes
of darkness, your roots tapped too deep in a compost of spite;
like so many little big bangs, what we’d sown sprung lively
from vermiculite and moss, small ruptures at the surface,
the promise of new days, the void giving birth to actuality,
the way it always was, heirloom beauty, thoroughbreds at the gate,
until you proved your point; I heard each and every one scream,
did you?

© Chagall 2013

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