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Home Again, When I Can

Yesterday morning I took down an old dead ash tree
that had presided over the middle of the backyard
for fifty years or so. In the evening, with a tea
in hand, I sat there and eyed the space where the
tree had only just stood, and noticed a bird who kept flying
to and from the stump, alit in sawdust, back to perch
on a carved fence-head nearby. After a while I understood
the bird’s plight of my making. We both nestled
there throughout the night, under thinly-aired twilit skies
awash in constellations, anxious for the birth of new trees.

© Chagall ∞

Je Regrette Pas

The bug in the berry was
surprisingly deliciously

© Chagall 2016

Carpe Noctem

From what,
for whom,
until when,
do all these
planets spin?

There below
on the dark side,
see them – aren’t those

We no longer
pay attention
nor pray
for those who
destroy the
blue pearl

Chagall 2016

It’s Only Natural

Had my face into the berries
shaking the ripest free
minding my own business
when a bee took it upon himself
to sting me, obviously not aware
of the relationship I’d fostered
with the ecosystem around, a newbie
(if you will) who didn’t get the pecking order,
so I sat him down to say:

Hey listen, around here we live and let live,
species means quite little, your kind and I
are tight and while I don’t like to play the Queen card,
trust me – I will!

He buzzed understanding, landed on my nose,
looked me deep in the eye in the eye in the eye, to which I puffed
out my lower lip, blew my breath upward, sending him aloft
on his way.

Did I ever tell you about my electric-blue damselflies?

Chagall 2015

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