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I dropped my son and his girl off
at JFK Airport last night for their
after-midnight flight to London. They
were so excited. I am so deeply saddened
that the world is as it is and I regret
that we are not all loving people.

© Chagall ∞

Earthen Promise

How I cherished those youngest days
so lush, wet with life,
implicate order and hope.

Chagall 2015

Regards, Naively Blissful

As I feel about
the world around me
I realize there’s so much
about human nature that
I just don’t comprehend.

Chagall 2015

Truth or Dare!

I will kiss your face
while you try not to giggle.

Who’s game?

Chagall 2015

A small bird flying overhead
determinedly through the wind
high above is tossed she chirps
desperate to be somewhere

Chagall 2015

The Succulent


With little water for many weeks, today I found a small cactus
sprouted soft and smooth-skinned tendrils, still green, alive
like the curly hair of a young child, the candy-apple scent of talc
behind the ears, so many years ago; I gaze at it here on my palm
and hope it remains evergreen.

© Chagall 2015

Sara One Day


She said flowers are for making
sweet nothing of the air, she’d wave
her bouquet in sweeping arcs,
to trace comets she saw there,
streaks of scent, slow color to fade
figments, flames in the dark dimmed
to a lilac’s breath, her intentions lingered
longer than she, still remain.

© Chagall 2015

Inspired By Ēva


Destined to languish atop dead trees,
instead her lost bird sings.

© Chagall 2015: This poem was inspired by http://evapoetex.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/canary-spirit-poem/

Haiku For Crystal Songsters

chagall backdrop


Transparent glass birds
fly wing-long into the rocks
trill ere they shatter


Hymns for ice warblers
wisps of song fill endless day
harmony so dear

© Chagall 2014

Haiku For Innocence

chagall backdrop

Children in schoolyards
still believe the world is round
but we know better

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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