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Once I woke to a dream 
after having not gone to bed

One day I will lie down to sleep
and leave the dream

Until stirred 
to awaken again

In the fog of new light
I recall fragments of the earlier dream

These will fade once words come

cc: Chagall 2021

Haiku for Today’s Requiescat

Sun shows up our pain,
life goes on now when she ends,
if only bells tolled

cc: CC 2021

Ci Vediamo

died last 

one more
tear is all
I have

when there's no one 

odd that she spoke
to him just yesterday
after years of not having

dear Arthur

cc: CC 2020 

Requiem Revisited

I expected to wake to cold and sorrow, but instead I rise to nothing but desire
to perform spectacular acts of radical kindness.

© Chagall ∞

chagall backdrop

I read my life
the plot thickens
and pages get dog-eared

How I love the denouement
the prologue, a scan of an index
the year of copyright

Can’t put me down not yet
just another chapter or two
before turning out the light

© Chagall 2014

The Advice Between The Time

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Although your time upon this orb is brief
there is still the chance to make it worthy
filled with the stuff that legends are made from
or maybe you prefer the quiet roads
shaded, wooded, dappled with brilliant sun
every now and then, every other step
can lead to anywhere, choose it or not,
want it or not, so much wanting, your choice
is your point of view, behold and release,
embrace and let go, the pulse of living
throbs at the neck of existence then fades
to a slow indiscernible rhythm,
empties into the space that surrounds us
and dies away, still fading, but dreaming

Dear one, the haze does lift, you’ll start again
though your time upon the orb will be brief . . .

© Chagall 2014

Light Of The Heart

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Twenty years

since Eve
is gone

yet it’s still
to sink in

© Chagall 2014


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Without each loved one who passes
I’m forced to face the eternal,
to ponder again that stretch of days.

Endless seems uncertain,
something must intervene.

Within, I assure me
that forever never comes.

© Chagall 2014

Two For The Drive-In

chagall backdrop

She overcame inertia by bearing down hard
catching grip on shift-gear and leather,
deeply like cement – she became fixture,

a ground to figure
aloof, always the bold one off-axle spanned across
imperfect timing, but not to be lost on a roll –

tipped her shoulder, head-down ditched and tumbling
to topple her way to the billboard below,

fifteen famulous minutes though nary five feet high,
smaller than popcorn and concession soda,
but horribly beset by bugs in the diffraction of projector light.

© Chagall 2014

September, 1971

chagall backdrop

The rain in its patter
sounds to be trying
to drum home a point
already made, such moribund

hey – you got that?
wafts in sweet cologne, some rosy
cheap knock-off more cloying
than haunt brings an ache
to my head, eclipses the migraine
I once had in Nam, when those stars turned mist
to shroud good men of both sides

I would light ’em if I had ’em, feel the need
for strong smoke, held breath in incantation
awaiting release, new days will come
a roman candle erupts in my mind, I see
shiny things to fixate upon, come and go
divert my attention from checks marked Void
though the paper on which they print
is precisely the price I pay

© Chagall 2014

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