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Haiku for Today’s Requiescat

Sun shows up our pain,
life goes on now when she ends,
if only bells tolled

cc: CC 2021

The Message

My mother comes to me
in dreams

I ask
Where are you, Mom?

she says Heaven

Relieved, I ask
Are you happy, Mom?

She dips her hand in a shallow pool
the water cascades from her palm down her arm

she nods then adds
Though everyone here is starving

© Chagall 2016

Whether Report

chagall backdrop

Like a hot moist cloth
across the face and shoulders,
a tightening of the chest,
feels like a ribbon
must be the muscle and tenon
there above the
hollow at the center
and the nervousness of the knees
arched ankles
about to pivot
head down at the neck
uncomfortably so
the same image
over and over
as bullets of regret
riddle the face
and tears fall
partly cloudy
scattered showers
crying until Wednesday
after the break
a look at what
the weekend holds in store.

Jill, back to you.

© Chagall, 2013

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