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Her and Mitosis

Petite organisms traipse ever so tipsily
o’er the photosynthetic landscapes of leaves
on yonder trees and nearby yews, everyone’s doing
the tango, the tangle of photons, lip-locked organelles,
dancing to Miles’s Solar.

© Chagall ∞

Bitches Brew

This past election day
I voted neither red nor blue
but instead prayed for
the rebirth of the cool, for
Nefertiti, and in my own silent way
cast my write-in vote for
Sir Miles Dewey Davis III,
with John Coltrane and Bill Evans
as VP and Sec of State, respectively.

© Chagall 2017


chagall backdrop
Claire de Lune cleaves a spirit’s gap in me,
a place for the melody to revolve,
for the light to gain in intensity.

Stella by Starlight leaves me on rooftops,
to overlook lit but distant bridges,
that lead to grand and eloquent dreamers.

The memory of you is deceiving,
provides me a choice, front-row-center seat,
to a symphony that’s best unwritten.

© Carlos Chagall

Miles Above Harlem

Sebastien Greco, vocals
Carlos Chagall, guitars
DD Rivera, bass
Papo Cuadrado, percussion

Words & Music – Carlos Chagall, 2013
Just this side of spoken word – near beatnik
– to all those who remember the Shower House – for Johnny W.

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