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Her and Mitosis

Petite organisms traipse ever so tipsily
o’er the photosynthetic landscapes of leaves
on yonder trees and nearby yews, everyone’s doing
the tango, the tangle of photons, lip-locked organelles,
dancing to Miles’s Solar.

© Chagall ∞

We All Scream (At the Drive Thru)

I am obsessed and compulsed to consume
inordinate amounts of mint chocolate chip
anything really. I am wholly hooked.

© Chagall 2016


I only have a moment to tell you that
today the air was more electric than before and
the beauty of existence at large is so overwhelming that
I feel alive from my belly up into my neck then
something odd happens in my face and mind

I want desperately to cry, to weep at the wonderful
creatures that are all about, these colors of all senses

How do I tell you all of that in
this our only moment?

Chagall 2016

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