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Do The Math!

I love Friday nights

I think they deserve
more than their 14%
weekly allotment

Chagall 2015

Happy Friday

I carry around a tumbler
of ice and whiskey
to disguise the fact
that I’m actually stoned.

Chagall 2015

Cineri Gloria

Your majesty, let this be writ today
Cineri gloria sera est
Glory paid to ashes comes too late

In waltz
cotton parasols like white petals
pirouette on open bud
spun this swaying lady

In tango curvy, nay brilliant
bryllyg and slythy
a perfect silhouette

A fantail shuffle
a slide-step past the moonlight
your finest top-shelf anything really

may your night be forever early

Chagall 2015

Long Weekend


Make it so hot
that it’s not
just ahh
but Oh!

© Chagall 2015

Happy Hump Day Eve

I need a rum-juicy minty something
Hawaiian but hard, a bit punchy too

it’s a no teetotaling Tuesday night
at least on my block, as we speak I stir

I shake, I rattle, I rock and I roll,
I sip, I garnish, smack my lips, go “AHH!”

it’s so delicious, going down easy . . .
drink’s not bad either, if you catch my drift

can somebody blast a pachanga please?
oye, Azucar Pa Ti, Palmieri!

six wonderful hours till twelve o’clock
at which time I will turn to a pumpkin
(that’s what I call Chloe, little pumpkin)

and the party will be over for me
to sleep, perchance to have restless leg syndrome

but until then friends
baile loco!

© Chicheme, 2013

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