I need a rum-juicy minty something
Hawaiian but hard, a bit punchy too

it’s a no teetotaling Tuesday night
at least on my block, as we speak I stir

I shake, I rattle, I rock and I roll,
I sip, I garnish, smack my lips, go “AHH!”

it’s so delicious, going down easy . . .
drink’s not bad either, if you catch my drift

can somebody blast a pachanga please?
oye, Azucar Pa Ti, Palmieri!

six wonderful hours till twelve o’clock
at which time I will turn to a pumpkin
(that’s what I call Chloe, little pumpkin)

and the party will be over for me
to sleep, perchance to have restless leg syndrome

but until then friends
baile loco!

© Chicheme, 2013