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Mind Under Matter

Tendrils girdle, torso, bracchia,
anxiety manifests, parted seas close,
I prefer to be cleaved to channel pervasive winds,
a feeling named, neurosis in situ, otherwise benign,
despair unnamed is more easily thwarted, a mystery
even to itself

© Chagall ∞

Stark Relief

Today while reading Figure and Ground, I highlight
passages that I do not want to remember.

© Chagall 2017

Silhouettes On Horizons

star gazers


or are they just farther away?

Chagall 2016


So subtle this thing called language
rears its head above tangled perception
discernible froth we skim cerebral

I prefer raw more sensuous groping
meaningful wordless visceral stew
the lasting poems of impulse

Chagall 2015

Not Quite Eclipse

Outside reading

clouds part
sun-photons come
beaming down
I stare

but for a moment

clouds merge
gray again
I return to the page

residual sunspots
there in my brain
wreak havoc
with punctuation

Chagall 2015

Alternative Ending


If I’d known the pages were there
I’d have read them, odd how my story
worked better not knowing.

© Chagall 2015

Focus, Focus, Blue Fur

chagall backdrop

Let’s all do this once more with feeling,
avoid the sidesteps askew to the point.

I don’t yet have automata down pat
quite enough to divert my mind away.

© Chagall 2014


At the piano, I play a light blue,
my left hand punctuates, strident bulbous,
circles of gray, droplets of black timing.
My right hand ripples arpeggios, brisk

splashes of gold, Pollockesque, allegro.
Musically, on pilot-automatic.
Out the window, there in the sky, I see
major triads as clouds move slowly, pushed;

invisible winds above dissonance,
beyond the minor second. Zephyrs play
in the treetops, to and fro, suspended,
diminished, dominant, gin and tonic.

Then you arrive, a refrain at the door,
so I add the seventh, ninth, eleventh.
Your smile lifts me up in harmonics,
too many octaves high, in overtones

that crash the normal frequencies, like bells
in heavens, all is hallowed, on this night.
On ground, a breeze stirs the honeysuckle
love, pianofortissimomente.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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