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Stark Relief

Today while reading Figure and Ground, I highlight
passages that I do not want to remember.

© Chagall 2017

Pass Me The Tourism Section

Sometimes I right-click, toggle the Language
to some exotic setting, then I travel
vicariously through font and accented characters
I wax eloquent, coerce my prose forward
on-line editing is friendly that way
I am riding the metro my dear, I will be home
to our small flat in that city where the Language
has a large following of speakers
I am fluent, the years have treated you well
how I still love embracing you every night
I say I love you in every language possible
as a ritual every night I’m compulsive that way
it takes hours I know I’m sorry
I will right-mouse-click us out of this jam pronto

Chagall 2015

Figure And Ground

With certainty I sense what’s timeless
so therefore I am, aren’t I?

It’s a light that shines forever,
a tone with no break for interval.

It’s the moment of you, the thought of you,
the underbelly of you upon my shoulders.

Within that light play fine shadows, disturbed
branches windblown in time.

The doppler of the carousel horses rise then fall
round and rise then fall again.

It is this mere one lifetime with you,
the incessant farewell of moments.

At any time you’ll be here.
At any time you’ll be gone.

Uncertainty senses this timeless
alone, aloft with no tether.

Chagall 2015

The Welcome Oomph


Step naturally now
listen to your footfall
there among broken steps
and frail dis-hope
how lightly
you traipse
the rise
above it.

© Chagall 2015



This then is essentially done,
I just need now to go and do it.

© Chagall 2015

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