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It Came Clearly

A pinball plunger is pulled
torque builds tension, drives a blue planet hurtling

Yet to achieve status quo
but already we are dying

What a sad lot
done but barely begun

Expansion wraps
central stars implode
planets light up
critical mass
the multiverse shifts
orbits combine
new suns enjoy
15 minutes of fame

We are domino
tip us watch the long ripple
beget life everywhere
a taper to kindle

We are seeds
oh, how testy we are

Chagall 2015/2018


What is there
after you’ve flown?

Where are you
once you touched down?

Careful there on the ledge,
perhaps you’ll not fly again.

How sad to have flown
for the last time.

When up is down
to fall is to fly.

How joyous to have
flown at all.

I’d have thought
clouds to be harder.

I invert when I fly
for I am the sky.

So inwardly
I fall.

Alight on soft pockets
of air.

on air.

I pray while
I fall.

The whole planet
is falling.

We spin and we turn and
we tilt and we yaw.

The earth rushes to us
once befallen.

© Chagall ∞

Star Catalog SAO 244567

Conflicted today about what to write:
a new star born in the stingray nebula or
my father and I in a photo younger
than my children are today.

Astronomers say the star expanded due to a helium flash,
“…back to giant dimensions: the born again scenario.”

Through the Hubble telescope I can see my dad
swim upon ripples of time, breathe between strokes,
expertly gulping air.

Suns by day are stars by night depending where you are.

© Chagall 2016


Some have laughed
though Inuits espy
the sun doesn’t rise
where it used to

They claim
polar bears
are burning

Through the center
we point now
to different stars

(a more distant spot
in heaven)

They can
no longer
say if tomorrow
will rain

Chagall 2016


I’ve reshaped the constellations
to reflect what I see

I have no interest in
how others see heaven

Makes it so easy
to now know the sky

Chagall 2015

Ever Expanding Universe

I remember now as a child
the sense of falling

Not down on my knees
but plummeting

Earth was falling, hurtling through space
and I was attached to the Earth

My Mother held me tight
while the wind tunneled about us
though stars receded, secure I grew
to ignore the fall

I remember now as a child
that sense of falling

Chagall 2016


A shooting star
twilit celestial filaments
across my lashes no longer than half-an-inch

yet up there the fantail of light
is twice many billion miles
nearer than your lips and heart
to mine.

We caress at time’s edge
under corona, or maybe it’s umbra
but who’s to say?

Steady pulse
of shade to light
shadow to crown and
you to rain.

We are leaves invert
we are tips of roots
we are that from which all is derived
we are constellations.

We have begat
the universe

that which is
out there
is small.

Chagall 2015


She exclaimed
Such a beautiful church
it’s non-dimensional

I asked
You mean non-denominational,
don’t you?

She retorted
No, come look

She swung open the large wooden door.  I walked in.

Oh, I see what you mean.

Chagall 2015

Pythagorean? Perhaps . . .

1 on 1
between you and me
the irrational root
of this 2
has us puzzled

Chagall 2015

The Expansion

Over time
God becomes
ever more vast

Chagall 2015

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