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Home Again, When I Can

Yesterday morning I took down an old dead ash tree
that had presided over the middle of the backyard
for fifty years or so. In the evening, with a tea
in hand, I sat there and eyed the space where the
tree had only just stood, and noticed a bird who kept flying
to and from the stump, alit in sawdust, back to perch
on a carved fence-head nearby. After a while I understood
the bird’s plight of my making. We both nestled
there throughout the night, under thinly-aired twilit skies
awash in constellations, anxious for the birth of new trees.

© Chagall ∞

A Happy Ending

how often I found her
tucked up in hollows
nestled in whorls
amid swirls
she spun

a pinwheel crazed
in gale wind
alighting where she pleased

now she is upright
safe in fluted forms
amid her friends
secure and alee

Chagall 2016

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