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Six-Sided Flakes In Moonlight

I love the way
sound sounds
in slow crunchy snowfall
there’s no doubt
that we’re inside
the dome

Chagall 2015

Dad, It Feels Like We’re Floating!


Today’s snow is like that night years ago with my Dad
under the street lamp, both on our backs looking up
making angels, I not yet ten and he near sixty,
giggling together while the flakes wet our faces,
how pink his cheeks are, how deep are his eyes
in the blue of that night.

© Chagall 2015

Out This Night Walking

chagall backdrop

From the low part of the land, in the windows at the crest
indistinct figures dance behind the golden glass lit to music
more imagined than heard, I can fog them with frost from here so
they disappear, how I love my crunch in new-fallen snow,
my back angled, face alee, burrowed in a warm woolen muffler,
a straight-away plus a bend away from the smile of your eyes at the door.

© Chagall 2014

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