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In a Word

Aw man,
Pat & Vanna,
don't go out
like that!

cc: Chagall 2021

Twice Empty

Another's sadness
makes me so sad

Chagall 2020

Re: the Hearing

Politicians, given the floor, feign this pensive, ponderous persona, 90 percent bullshit and 10 percent ill-formed question. I am amazed purple – red and blue, if you were wondering – that this is the cream of our crop. (Primal scream here)

© Chagall ∞

Till Tomorrow

I find I
am torn


ripped along
dotted lines

I will



© Chagall 2017

The Final Eve

The last silver streamer alights,
confetti and ticker tape abandon flight,
balloons fall from celebration
failing to be held aloft.

Remember when we were? Each awakening brought
a new day with new sun in which we bathed defiant,
we dared it to blind us, we countered with our own
heat, radiance, impulse to grow, and then to burn away.

Soft brooms whisk the memory; the clink of glasses raised
to toast is still there, not quite yet imperceptible.

© Chagall 2017

Not Much To Ask

She wipes her tears away
a soft fold of white tat
lace doesn’t daub well
merely smears the sadness
she feels, has always felt

She’d rather it rain down
blow a hole inside her soul
hollow out the echoes once again
blues – nothing but blues wash her
away to find lost paradise

Chagall 2016

The Morning After Eve

The hot water of the shower spray
feels great on her face, after
an all-night cry

Who knew such
a recurring but
fleeting thought
could provoke so
many tears?

Under the mist
she promises
herself today
will be no different

Chagall 2016

Dad, It Feels Like We’re Floating!


Today’s snow is like that night years ago with my Dad
under the street lamp, both on our backs looking up
making angels, I not yet ten and he near sixty,
giggling together while the flakes wet our faces,
how pink his cheeks are, how deep are his eyes
in the blue of that night.

© Chagall 2015

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