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It Came Clearly

A pinball plunger is pulled
torque builds tension, drives a blue planet hurtling

Yet to achieve status quo
but already we are dying

What a sad lot
done but barely begun

Expansion wraps
central stars implode
planets light up
critical mass
the multiverse shifts
orbits combine
new suns enjoy
15 minutes of fame

We are domino
tip us watch the long ripple
beget life everywhere
a taper to kindle

We are seeds
oh, how testy we are

Chagall 2015/2018


The stars will guide me home one day,
I’ll follow their path until the edge
where the furtive eyes of seers peer
from beyond the eddies of time that spiral
amid the shallows of predawn, in waters
formed succeeding the impetus, immediately and
forever, I’ll be awash in the brine,
soaking, absorbing, adsorbing, and engorging,
until I burgeon and explode
into nebula-cum-universe.

© Chagall ∞


A pulse
Feel it?

a pulse

these holy
sparks of light
cackle electric

Chagall 2015

(Intentionally Left Unsubtitled)

Thought was there

not now

Chagall 2015

Return To Gaia

Elevate beyond the veil
overlook the valley
I’m not quite sure
if there will be dales
as well, just land
safely (I pray the pall
will lift) – remember
please kiss Earth
once alighted, give Mother
my regards.

Chagall 2015


I cling to her voice
as it emanates from silicon
compressed audio that’s naught but a
phantasm of her life and blood
no warm scent of talc but when I press
against the nape of her neck
when I lose myself
in the long float

Chagall 2015

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