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Cyan – A Cherita

I sometimes forget

who I am
supposed to be

until a prized wind
raises the scent of rain
off of mossy rock to me

©∞Chagall 2017

Please know that every cherita I will ever write
will be inspired by Celestine @ Reading Pleasure

Alas, so very few of my cheritae will ever be as good as hers. 🙂

Love & Peace —CC

Early My Light

Late autumn hot
unique humid
sea breezes in-land
colors still ablaze
I a burnt copper
in setting gold sun
reflections, perfect blues.

Chagall 2015

So Flight I Can Almost Touch It


I realized then that it was far, far away
in the distance, the small v of an eagle
who slowly rises, dips on currents of air

© Chagall 2015

Short Easy Flight

Throwing out ballast to rise, near dusk,
light air and low flame,
up-draft we go!

Nice little buckle, a trade-wind slap,
but we straight right-up, real fast or we topple.

In the vertical slow chugging puff,
on low winds, poooffft we slow down,

the gondola pendulums,
aerial inertia.

Sometimes I just hold sway,
drop anchors, tie a taut-line,
buoyant, and hover there over
forever, where you are.

Pretty much every day.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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