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I am tired with alphabet words
aren’t you?

The C word, the D word, the F word, the H word, the J word,
the K word, the L word, the N word, the Q word, the S word,
etcetera, etcetera

my word!

I apologize if I offended anyone by leaving out their offending word

Here’s the plan:
assemble everyone in the U.S.
Yankee Stadium is too small,
so maybe we rent the Grand Canyon for a day.
(I know people who know people
from the Hualapai Tribal Nation and the Havasupai Tribe
so this is a non-issue, as they say)

We set up microphones and Marshall Amps
all along the bottom of the Inner Gorge
everyone gets a turn to shout out their words

from A to Z
crank the volume up to 10 and get it all out
once and for all

let them ring out and echo there
from the 3 billion year old Vishnu Schist at the bottom of the Gorge
to the 300 million year old Kaibab Limestone there at the rim
rattle the fossils in the strata

declare how insignificant we are

After this day, while we cannot officially disallow the use of the words,
we can agree not to be offended any longer
by any of it

We will then adjourn to the banks of the Colorado River
where we will have the largest tailgating party
in the history of the world

pot luck – the theme is grandma’s recipes
served up family style

we will randomly select musicians from each nationality, ethnicity, and religion,
and have a battle of the bands into the wee hours

we will dance like nobody’s watching
conga lines visible from space

folk tales around the campfires
face painting for the kids

inter-caravan conjugal visits between consenting adults are optional
but encouraged

in the morning we will proceed back to the world
a rejuvenated and deeply bonded people

the world won’t know what hit ’em

we will NOT rest on our laurels
but will begin planning
our international event immediately
I’m thinking a desert maybe is an appropriate venue

at the end of my four years
we will be ready for the aliens
which, in my mind, is our real threat

My name is Carlos Chagall, and I approve this post.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

Please see here for Here’s What I’ll Do If I Am Elected – Part I

If A Tree

I’ve become quite skilled
in unspoken word
biting my own tongue

regrets of omission rather
than ruing the things I’ve said

l’esprit de l’escalier?
my retorts are always timely

mine’s the sound of one voice
a monologue
so I’m never wrong

in my mind there are no lips
so cursing is not as pleasant

I miss furling my lip while hurling air
at that back-throat k

my mind’s in the guttural sounds it makes
down along the curb

my silence is the good fence
that makes good neighbors
so they say

I sing out loud ancient hymns
they resonate inside my head

reverberate in cool chambers
in the crypts below the abbey

you will never know just how I feel
about you my friend

until the very end

know me by my epitaph
it will read
. . .

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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Focus – butterfly
they’ll sense you, bind and fly by
cursive flight awaits

© Carlos Chagall. 2013

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An idea lies there
in dry grass, a starlit field, on its back thinking
one idea’s ego, vain to think, conceives itself
contemplates the world

Rises and hovers
a swelled mainsail filled with air bound oceanic
o’er powerful waves rushing the jagged night coastline
searching for harbors

I have flown too far
swum too long with the currents to ever return
rides the scree, updrafts, feeds on heron, on itself
then fasts for forty days

Dreams need to touch down
a superior mirage there where the sky ends
tangled in gulfweed too close to surface tension
attraction pulls deep

Glimpse of air, drowning
so sudden this transition, failed attempts to rise
falling through water a slow motion acrobat
feet first is fastest

Alights on the silt
there on the bottom, no sound just joy, buoyancy
starfish everywhere wonder where the light comes from
pushing through the dark

The idea lies there
gazing up at starlit wakes on abyssal plain
one idea’s ego sad to think it conceived self
contemplates the world

Rises and hovers
a swelled puffish filled with air bound celestially
‘neath powerful waves under the ancient coastline
among lost harbors

I have come too far
against all of the currents to never return

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

Please see Lithographs for another poem in this form

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My love for you’s more
sympathy for
your misunderstanding me

© Carlos Chagall, 2013


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Fractured silver back mars the mirror’s face
To avoid the flaws, we tilt our heads so
Find we’re young again, away from the wear
Between the cracks there in the untouched glass

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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Rose colored glasses
tint purple skies and green suns
thorns too close to eyes

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

Happy Hump Day Eve

I need a rum-juicy minty something
Hawaiian but hard, a bit punchy too

it’s a no teetotaling Tuesday night
at least on my block, as we speak I stir

I shake, I rattle, I rock and I roll,
I sip, I garnish, smack my lips, go “AHH!”

it’s so delicious, going down easy . . .
drink’s not bad either, if you catch my drift

can somebody blast a pachanga please?
oye, Azucar Pa Ti, Palmieri!

six wonderful hours till twelve o’clock
at which time I will turn to a pumpkin
(that’s what I call Chloe, little pumpkin)

and the party will be over for me
to sleep, perchance to have restless leg syndrome

but until then friends
baile loco!

© Chicheme, 2013

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Overturned toy truck
stuffed animals in puddles
lilacs in the rain

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

I’ve discovered that a number of my replies
to your comments, are themselves comments
and are not linked properly back to yours

So for some of you, it might feel like you have been commenting into a black hole.

This makes me look uncaring
as you would not have received
my response to you
my thank you and my gratitude
– and my sometimes witty retort 🙂

There is one gentleman
I have inadvertently done this to
for every comment he’s made!

I will be better from this post on. I must remember to hit Reply
in my excitement to respond.

—– Carlos Chagall

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