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The rosemary toast so crisp and
the fig jam so delicious, the sound of
my own chewing inside my head –
I didn’t even hear you come in!

Chagall 2019

Ponder Some

Like Annie Dillard
I’ve learned to be
still enough so even
birds ignore me, they
settle so close oblivious
to my presence, the more
of this the better I think
– the great divide gone just like that.

there certainly is a food chain.

© Chagall 2016

Ice Chips

The night is crisp, autumnal.
Bourbon sweeter.
My son and his petite amie
at a friend’s cabin while they’re away.
With them, a bag of sweet potatoes
I grew and cured, for roasting
over the wood fire they’ll make.

Life is good.
Peepers sing earlier
than usual tonight. Harmonics from breezes
to trees to shape the glass arc of our ears
to blow gently in them.
I am yellow aged orange inflamed
dared to go red before withering.

I pray to the last gold ray of sun
there in the tall eastern trees
that refuses to say die to another day.

© Chagall 2016

We All Scream (At the Drive Thru)

I am obsessed and compulsed to consume
inordinate amounts of mint chocolate chip
anything really. I am wholly hooked.

© Chagall 2016

Please don’t be offended
when I say you smell
like brine, sweet malolactic
rising probiotic, heady
bursting with life force
human doughy thing
that you are –

hey, where ya going . . .?

Chagall 2015

A Study in Weight

I have maintaining and gaining down pat
Got a 65 on my orals

Chagall 2015

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