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Unsung Hero

She’s serving her country
since she’s young she has
shitty maintenance shifts
hours till dawn on the tarmac
guys give her crap all night
makes her long for home plus
she’s trying to finish up on-line
credits just shy of her bachelors
she was smart they all said
lately she’s been feeling
that way again with so much hope
for new starts going around
these days she prays more than wishes
she’ll find home again

Chagall 2016


If I had to choose
between you and ice cream
I’m pretty sure I would choose you.

Chagall 2015


Once in a shadow I rose
to greet an inquisitive sun,
yawned and stretched a while
to bask in its hot-white heat
before settling back down
to darkness.

Chagall 2015

Rite Of Way


The stones I leave at the gate
can be used to trace new paths
or bar access to the existing.
Place them accordingly – you decide.

© Chagall 2015

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