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The poems I write are like
the dollar bets my grandmother made
everyday needing something
to ride on

Chagall 2016



Once in a shadow I rose
to greet an inquisitive sun,
yawned and stretched a while
to bask in its hot-white heat
before settling back down
to darkness.

Chagall 2015

The Looming


I miss how as a child
I’d wake up afraid of the dark
Convinced that something was out there

© Chagall 2015

At The Stroke Of Big Ben

chagall backdrop

The world is plainly there before you
so describe it, adapt – in free-form-air
it’s always the night before holiday if the world is
to hold any wonder to ride the way, to soar
in mid-air wobble, dip, graze the treeline
coast to touch ground, gracefully –
ever so lightly . . .

© Chagall 2014

For Millie

chagall backdrop

And in the end
she said you’re my favorite people

You kept things bright when lights were low
you were always there to let me know

Those hard times shared by all
are not so hard at all

O’ what a life!

I remember dancing with you all
a slow dance, a quick step

Strange I never heard
the music change

O’ what a life
isn’t it a crazy life

When everything you know
is still here when you go

© Chagall 2014

About Peace From The Peaceful

chagall backdrop

We have so much to say,
any attempt will only fall short,
and so we say nothing at all,
but no more.

We are happy now to recite
prayers for your joy,
your health and bounty.

Our wishes for peaceful
starlit skies you can penetrate
with an ardent scan.

Warm fires against your back
to throw your shadows on the wall;
you float above your lover’s.

We close respectfully
with the heartfelt desire
for you to experience nothing.

Nothing but perfect days,
timeless days,
puffed sails,
and slow wet turquoise.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

(Originally posted on June 21, 2013 as A Quick Note Just To Let You Know. Rather than re-blog, I have chosen to revise, re-title, and re-issue as new.)


Carlos And The Donkey

chagall backdrop

I sense there’s too much elusive
– birds in hand and all that.

I drop the game from my mouth
at the water’s edge
because two is better
than one.

I’ve none.

Behind the scenes of a fable
unable to attain
even one’s share.

Where did Aesop go
when the mammals slept
and the allegory hit the wall,
did he laugh or grumble?

© Chagall 2013

Purely Friday

chagall backdrop

I thank you
for imparting
in me the sense
– the very capacity –
to acknowledge blessings
for which I’d be

© Chagall 2013

An Up And Down Life

chagall backdrop

It’s still daylight
at the very tops
of the trees

up there
aerie still
remember the day

on the ride down
it’s more night
the closer one
gets to the ground

at root the earth
gives up aroma
in warm loam

and fireflies lift-off
rendezvous flights
for the night

Mother Earth
please tuck us all
away safe

Won’t you bury me in
dry leaves?

© Chagall 2013

It’s Quick! Follow Me Now –

chagall backdrop

If we all,
tout le monde,
share one,
simply a moment

to rejoice
in freedom

that depends
on no one
or thing

than its own
desire to be,

it’s its own will.

I yearn,
so I crave,

I stretch in earnest
into only
hopeful things,

the art
of our possibilities,

the lyric wit
of our songs

our collective wit,
our prayerful songs.

And I love you best
perhaps by not knowing you

at all.

. . .

And you and I
will dive
from high towers . . .

© Chagall 2013

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