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The Seam

The curtain is parted as she’d left it,
worlds continue passing by.

© Chagall 2016

The Message

My mother comes to me
in dreams

I ask
Where are you, Mom?

she says Heaven

Relieved, I ask
Are you happy, Mom?

She dips her hand in a shallow pool
the water cascades from her palm down her arm

she nods then adds
Though everyone here is starving

© Chagall 2016


The shaman’s
a scam and
the sandman
knows it!

Chagall 2016

Cursory Times

She handed me an oar
pointing to the small dugout
there on the bank

Row briskly

God is

Life is naught –
a dream

Chagall 2016


The poems I write are like
the dollar bets my grandmother made
everyday needing something
to ride on

Chagall 2016


Flat Out

My heart, adept at somersaults,
sticks the perfect landing.

The pain in my knees though tells me that
it’s not that long till fall.

So tape me up
to brace me tight
in time for another go.

Madly to the springboard
without stopping to plant
I soar of my own desire.

I emulate feathers floating
till ground.

To lie there
spying clouds move
up and down as well as left and right.

In motion emotionally always
forever truly yours.

Chagall 2016

In A Pear Tree

In my dream my father removes his tie
and hands it to me saying
Merry Christmas C

I take it from him folding it gently
in half, the silk rough to the touch

I ask him
Is there a heaven, Dad?

He smiles, we embrace,
his cheek smoother than I’d imagined
and before he can answer, he’s gone

Chagall 2015


chagall backdrop

Eyes grow heavy, my mind wanders to the edge
of that time when white lace curtains blew
on a gentle breeze, I step out the door, a porch
suspended on the edge of a cloud for a portico
crunchy like snow, the others dive, I’m game but
such a long way down, instead I hesitate
missing them as they leap one by one,
I run after the small lost dog and slip on the mud
that the snow has become, I surf while she watches
not falling but staining the back of my pants
in a low crouch, the other says that’s the song
and I say that’s the same one you asked about yesterday,
that’s what’s-her-name, and in the dream I tell her
that I dreamed about her, already wrapped up beyond
and tangled in the fray.

© Chagall 2015

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