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Coming Down

My neighbor is playing classic rock, lost in the din
Of rain.
Cardinal calls pierce the sheet of sound, lovingly embrace
The rain.
All of life cascades in a downpour around me, I am lost as preordained
In the rain.
Saturation. Virginal daisies or is that camomile?
I am the rain.
I am every scent of lavender exposed in mist on warm nights
After the rain.
The softest drop of dew about to flee from thirsty petals
Before the rain.
Moonlight, peeking out from dying clouds,
Dreams of rain.
I lie beside you, fall through your gravity, you ask What’s it like inside?
I whisper Rain.

© Chagall ∞

Writing Process – Take 2

Tidal locks keep us aligned
face to face we move
each others waves

Moons coo
we spoon

(But spooning isn’t
face to face
is it?)

Crap – need to start again.


We are tidal locked
face to face we move
each others waves

A cooing moon
you turn
we spoon

Two sink deep
to hold breath

Alright, O.K. – not a bad revision.

Chagall 2016


I’ve reshaped the constellations
to reflect what I see

I have no interest in
how others see heaven

Makes it so easy
to now know the sky

Chagall 2015

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