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We were the last,
sad you don’t remember,
the high cliffs overlooking
an ocean, I can’t recall
its color, but the salt mist
remains upon my tongue, as if
the name of a newborn, like
sparks at the edge of vision

And now we are the first to set foot
here on the softest of downs

Chagall 2019


Till Then (The Coming)

The little engine that could,
minuscule humans who might,
worlds cry that shouldn’t,
cosmos states thou shan’t,
God who simply is, then isn’t,
but was, at least for now

Chagall 2019

Haiku for Haiku Tips

Open about you,
retain the last line for God
and never use “and”

Chagall 2019
…and don’t punctuate!

Haiku for Those Insane at the Helm

Meaningless treaties
In the end the blast kills all
Butterflies rejoice

Chagall 2019
I don’t care if you are left or right – both sides suck.

There are songs in the rain,
voices in the droplets,
lilts in pitter-patter
on rooftop weathervanes,
the soft ping on shingled
rooftops that keep us warm,
cozy despite the gray
sky above us tearing.

Puddles gather, earnest
to hold, they recollect
yesterdays’ reflections,
concentric circles bead
with every drop that falls,
awaiting the still face
at the end of the pour,
the break of sunlight through.

Chagall 2019

I absorb ancient knowledge then await
unconscious rumination,
a sum rooted in parts,
novel insight,
the holy
God’s reworking
prior themes
within or without me,
so I go along for the ride,
divest my lack of faith and

(In silhouette I am
a wishbone inverted
on a current of air
unseen, over
the span)

…I alight lithe on spongy soles and
gracefully break into stride in beat
to new eclectic rhythms

Equal parts dance and chorus,
frenetic with upturned eyes,
a worldly dervish no more,
the smallest known hallelujah

Chagall 2019

I’m vaccinated
No little bugs inside me
Nature will prevail

Chagall 2019

Trial Run

Walk a mile in my shoes…
but then bring them back
’cause I got to go to work.

Chagall 2019

why so baffled?

we are the cult of the big stones
we are megalithic builders
we domesticate the large beasts
to do our bidding, haul huge rock
across miles, impossible treks
to erect monuments to gods
in the sky across the seasons
blessed are we in levitation
pre-dynastic smart engineers
sonically we raise the living
to heights heretofore unattained
from depths explored long before you
ever existed; we are thought –
primitive logic more advanced
when viewed through the wrong end of time

Chagall 2019

Shame on Me

Twice she broke my heart in two,
left me quarter-hearted.

Chagall 2019

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