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First From The Sun

On Mercury
its day is
longer than
its year

It’s all
about spin
the path
your journey

Chagall 2016


I’ve reshaped the constellations
to reflect what I see

I have no interest in
how others see heaven

Makes it so easy
to now know the sky

Chagall 2015

Silhouettes On Horizons

star gazers


or are they just farther away?

Chagall 2016

First Dates Are Tricky

I picked her up 8 PM

As she locked the front door
I stood aside breathing in deeply
the cold winter sky

Where are we off to?
she asked excitedly

Pointing up I blurted
Orion Nebula, a star-forming region
below Rigel and Betelgeuse
there’s some folks I’d like you to meet

After staring at me long and hard, she said
Wait here a moment, let me grab my gloves

Chagall 2015

Bunking Down

A bedroll at the timberline, thin air shallow breathing
feels like snow, I’m alight, the blue of the moon is brilliant
across the fields brocades of frozen mist
never-ending giving, a place to bury one’s head
when it storms, a shawl over the neck and shoulders
a biscuit dunked in strong hot sweet black tea

I cut so it appears as if nothing’s been removed
odd over time how it doesn’t diminish
though I repeatedly shave a sliver
more often than not, every now and then
sometimes late than sooner
a paring, a sharpener, tiny fanned whorl of paper-thin wood shave
beautifully splintered skirts of pastel colors, pointed graphite

Atop the mountain I thought I’d write more
instead I live more without any need to narrate
to capture – to curate – to memorialize
to relevate

I howl insane and loudly under my blanket
I kick off a muffled echo
I giggle to myself in the dark night
I conspire with no one but the others who disenchant
disassociate in that space we reserve like a headband

Chagall 2015


I’ve been wanting to tell you of the light
how I can’t quite describe that feeling
of being heather-flat in color where rain is
I am slowly heartbeat again, no matter how you feel it

flow with no meaning and that’s a good thing
this window’s our square to the outside
autumn’s trees on furry gray skies, bluer edges

I freeze under constellations, I burn ice cold in black night
like star factories, a sudden and unplanned eclipse
my ears, both cheeks grow numb, the radiator pops

but then they are warmed by the light
southerly facing photons here in Arles only now
not many years later as before that shouldn’t happen
but light has a way of bending back

You are lovely as the Sun
and so I paint you wonderfully golden, alive and ablaze

Chagall 2015

Haiku For Purple Heather


Perhaps it was topaz
similarly lavender
blues, aprons for stars

© Chagall 2015

Prototypical Carbon

chagall backdrop

Isn’t this one brighter,
isn’t it worthy? The stars
will one day be perfect, given
the time, kindly mark my word.

© Chagall 2015

Haiku For 186K Per Second


I miss her always
She’s approximately now
One single light year

© Chagall 2015

Haiku For Somber Altitude


Spectral howls beckon
High above the timberline
Where she begets stars

© Chagall 2015

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