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Talkin’ About You Again

A word, a blank page no more;
this is where couplets end.

From hereon in
strange waters.

The next view must speak louder
than nothing – if not, why bother?

Pictures are an option
just not here.

Help me to pluck ideas
from all these implicit ellipses.

Chagall 2016


I have memories
of being in echelon
which means that at one time
I must have flown

I can feel
where wings connected
between biceps and pectorals
the backward sweep of deltoids
to where flight would have taken hold
like a clamp

we hang low in the pocket in the rush of fresh air
hundreds of feet high in a V across calibrated
stagger as if random we bank in a frolic
as one gaining air on the others steep turns
tightly so much torque but our bodies are made
for bending flexing near breaking

Our hearts are different
not so resilient, they snap
because they’re unforgiving

Chagall 2016


She said You have a good ear

My mind choked on the flood
of potential and witty retorts

Instead all I said was Thank You

Chagall 2015


They repeated
No, no thought

Contented, I’d given up
trying to tell them

All things at once
is the same thing

Chagall 2015

(Intentionally Left Unsubtitled)

Thought was there

not now

Chagall 2015


My mind rebels
facing inductive reason;
I’ve determined this
based on the data.

Chagall 2015

The Harbor

On my back barely beneath water,
the soft sand molds me to form,
I’m dense, settled in with full gravity,
heavy human-molten, I dare myself to breathe
in the liquid as at birth my lungs
accustom to the wet, I relax accepting
this will end soon, I smile
at diffracted rays of sun, the final light
I will see this time around; this drowning
is not so hard, it’s more a state of mind.

Chagall 2015



This then is essentially done,
I just need now to go and do it.

© Chagall 2015

Bury It If You Can’t


I woke up to find that the scab over my mind
had softened from the night’s rains, leaving me
to remember vividly all that had happened;
at day’s end it has hardened over, so
I’m blissfully oblivious again.

© Chagall 2015

Try Nightly, Every Three Days


I’ve a sense that I can heal,
perfectly settle in form, for all the flaws
are just misconceptions of me by me,
how I dwindle in size, halving the distance,
keeping one eye open and the other turned deaf ear.

© Chagall 2015

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